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Lynette Sofras

Her ability to weave her story with such beautiful use of the English language is second to none


Cinderella Treasure Trove

Will Cinderella make it to the ball? She did in the fairy tale, but in these fresh takes on the original, just about anything can happen--and usually does. Fifteen romance authors have served up delicious samples of their Cinderella-themed stories, along with a feast of tasty treats and glitzy party ideas. Tap into your inner princess and indulge in excerpts sparkling with dream-come-true romance, nail-biting suspense, haunting magic, bubbly chick lit humor and tear-jerking heartaches.

Please note that these are excerpts, not complete stories. After sampling our tasty morsels, you'll find a treasure-trove of recipes and ideas to inspire your next party.

Let the Glass Slipper Sisters style your regal table to perfection, thanks to the gorgeous, but quick and inexpensive adornments and easy-to-prepare scrumptious delights. You'll even find a few party games that can be adapted for your royal guests whatever their age. Excerpts from the following books are included within the pages:

Cinderella's Enchanted Night by Amber Daulton
Cinderella Had It Easy by Jennifer Conner
Cinderella Series - the collection by Kae Elle Wheeler
Cinder the Fae by Rebekah R. Ganiere
Fairy Tale Flirts by Lisa Scott
Fooling Around With Cinderella by Stacy Juba
Home Sweet Texas Home by Caroline Clemmons
Nobody's Cinderella by Joan Reeves
Pumpkin: A Cindermama Story by Ines Johnson
Savage Cinderella by PJ Sharon
Second Chance Cinderella by Sharon Kleve
Spellbound Cinderella by Angela Ford
The Cinderella Princess by Melissa McClone
The Thin Person Inside by Rochelle Weber
Wishful Thinking by Lynette Sofras

Cover art by vwzdesigns.com

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Excerpt (from the Foreward by Stacy Juba)

If you’ve downloaded this book, then you’re probably wondering: who are these mysterious Glass Slipper Sisters? Are they actually sisters? Do they go around their daily lives wearing glass slippers?

Um, not quite. We are a group of fifteen women who have authored Cinderella-themed romance novels. We consider ourselves sisters in the symbolic sense as we all wrote books inspired by the Cinderella fairy tale.

How did we come together? I founded the group, however, I’m certain that my fairy godmother waved her magical wand behind the scenes to send me the perfect “sisters.” Before the launch of the first book in my Storybook Valley series, I put out a call on writing forums, seeking authors with Cinderella and rags to riches romance novels. Once we had assembled the group, I never expected it to take on a life of its own.

I threw out some preliminary ideas and the brainstorming snowballed as members conjured up their own amazing suggestions. We must have sent hundreds of emails in those early days as we bonded over our mutual love of Cinderella. Soon we had volunteers creating a book trailer, designing graphics, setting up social media pages, collecting individual tweets, monitoring our budget, booking ads, shopping for princess prizes to give away in a grand New Year’s Eve Stroke of Midnight Royal Ball, and taking on editing and production roles for this e-book.

I would like to thank all the group members for their hard work: Caroline Clemmons, Jennifer Conner, Amber Daulton, Angela Ford, Rebekah R. Ganiere, Ines Johnson, Sharon Kleve, Melissa McClone, Joan Reeves, Lisa Scott, PJ Sharon, Lynette Sofras, Rochelle Weber and Kae Elle Wheeler. A special thank you goes out to Rebekah R. Ganiere, who designed our beautiful Cinderella Treasure Trove cover, to Kae Elle Wheeler for the lovely sketches, and to Lynette Sofras who compiled this book.


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Cinderella Treasure Trove