"Her romances are beautifully-written, the language is fluent (and grammatically-correct - so rare these days!) the characters are well-drawn and the plot has such depth and variety that the reader is hooked from the first page."

"This is a story told as only a British author would with a wonderful richness that takes its time down the path of life."

"I love the way she makes the characters believable and 'normal'."

"a very classy novel."

"A great read for everyone who believes that love will prevail!"

"I love Ms Sofras' villains. I want to find them and strangle them before they spoil everything."

"Ms Sofras has everything it takes to be a best-selling author."

" I was in awe of how the words leapt off the page in such splendour. What an amazing voice for a romance writer to have."

"Lynette Sofras is a great storyteller. Her language flows easily. The plot is complex but utterly believable and her characters live and breathe. I found the whole deeply satisfying."

"It is one of those novels that you just have to keep reading because you are gripped until you get to the end."

"I really did not want this story to end and would have liked more."

"Her beautiful, articulate prose is a pleasure to read. Her characters live and breathe and her plot is interesting and different. I fell into the story at the first page and did not surface until I'd finished. It left me wanting more and I shall certainly read it again."

"This is an exceedingly well-written romance."

"I think she just gets better and better."

"Well worth putting off your to-do list to read it in one sitting!"

"Her plots are complex but believable, her characterisation superb, her language clear, simple and beautiful."

"The writer's experience in narrative construction and stylish writing are demonstrated on every page"

"Ms. Sofras has a way with characterization which brings readers to feel deeply (good or bad) about those who populate her novel."

Her ability to weave her story with such beautiful use of the English language is second to none

Lynette Sofras
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